When will Pokémon UNITE ranked season two begin?

The next stage still needs to be set.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Ranked Mode is already live in Pokémon UNITE, with players diving right in from day one to try and be the best trainers in the new MOBA.  

Because the game just launched, Pokémon UNITE Ranked Season One is currently underway, meaning players can earn Performance Points and slowly work their way to Master Rank. Since this is just the first season of the ranked ladder, some players are already thinking ahead to Ranked Season Two. Since UNITE is so new, however, many of the finer details for specific game modes, including ranked, are not currently available.

This means we don’t currently have an end date for Ranked Season One or a start date for a potential Ranked Season Two. All we have to go on in terms of dates for the season content in UNITE, for now, is the end date for the current Battle Pass. 

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Battle Pass Season One is set to end on Sept. 21, which lines up nicely with the current roadmap TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company are using for the upcoming launch of the mobile version for UNITE

If the mobile version does launch on Sept. 21, you can expect TiMi to either extend Ranked Season One so players on mobile can get in on the action, or Season Two to start right as the new platform gets access to the game.