When does Pokémon UNITE’s Ranked season 2 end?

You've got plenty of time to rank up.

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Pokémon UNITE rolled out a ton of new content, with the start of a new season and the usual addition of a new battle pass. Ranked season two is now live, meaning players can claim their rewards from last season and work towards beating that rank in the coming months.

As the first ranked season of Pokémon UNITE progressed, players and their knowledge of gameplay and team composition improved, making the ranked experience more difficult, but also more fulfilling.

With a fresh start, there’s hardly a better time to get on that ranked grind and attempt to reach Master before the season is out.

When does Pokémon UNITE ranked season two end?

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Ranked season two in Pokémon UNITE will run from Nov. 7, 2021, until Jan. 30, 2022.

This 83-day period will give players plenty of time to develop their skills, adjust to the meta, and achieve their goals this season. Given its long timeframe, there will be multiple battle passes during the duration of the ranked season. The latest pass, called “Sun, Sun, Sunshine,” will continue for the next 42 days.

The competitive mode ran for a similar length of time when ranked was added to the game last season. One of the differences is that season two will show fans how long remains until the end of the season.

With more new Pokémon rumored to be joining the roster and players improving even more over time, this ranked season is shaping up to be even better than the first. Don’t miss out on competing for your rewards.


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