When does Aphelios hit League of Legends’ PBE server?

The marksman should hit the test server soon.

Screengrab via Riot Games

League of Legends’ new marksman made waves today after Riot revealed Aphelios’ abilities through a champion trailer and Kit Primer. And while it might be a couple of weeks before you get to play the ADC on the live servers, he should be hitting the Public Beta Environment (PBE) soon.

The Weapon of the Faithful is slated to be one of the most difficult champions to master. Aphelios cycles through five different weapons, each of which comes with its own ability and mechanics, and is forced to switch guns after their 50 ammunition is depleted.

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Although it may be fun to grab Aphelios and jump onto the Rift, some players might want to consider trying him out on the PBE first.

When does Aphelios release on PBE?

Image via Riot Games

Though an exact date on when Aphelios will debut on the PBE hasn’t been revealed yet, the League client suggests that the marksman will hit the live servers on Dec. 11 with Patch 9.24.

Patch 9.24 hasn’t launched on the PBE yet, but League design director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon previously explained that the patch would hit test servers “around the 25th.” If Aphelios’ PBE launch coincides with 9.24, then the marksman will appear on the test server very soon.

What other big changes are expected with 9.24?

League players were widely-dissatisfied with the new map coloring brought by dragon terrain changes. Riot will be toning down the hues on Infernal and Ocean Drake landscapes in Patch 9.24.

And the developers didn’t balance any champions with Patch 9.23, preferring to let the Rift changes dictate which legends stood above the rest. Any champion outliers will likely be addressed in the upcoming patch.