What are Little Legends in League’s new Teamfight Tactics mode?

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With the introduction of Teamfight Tactics (Riot’s take on the auto-battler genre), a new League of Legends personalization option is set to be added to the game.

Little Legends are cute critters that act as your avatar in TFT. They dance, emote, and they’re animated, too. You can unlock your first Little Legend by playing TFT. But if one isn’t enough, and you have some Riot Points to spare, you can purchase more in the store. They’ll cost 750 RP, so they come at a fairly hefty price tag, but for those of you with a sweet spot for critters, they’ll be a must-buy.

Image via Riot Games

At release, there will be six species of Little Legends, but more are expected to be released with each patch.

If you’re particularly keen on TFT, you can buy Rare Little Legend eggs for 490 RP. Rare eggs contain a special variation of Little Legends, but you’ll have to rely on pot luck for your favorite. If your egg hatches and contains a species you already own, instead of being wasted and sitting in your inventory, they’ll power up your Little Legend and give them an improved model and effect. Once it’s reached level three, it will no longer drop from rare eggs.

Image via Riot Games

Furthermore, Little Legends will join you on the sidelines of Howling Abyss. They’ll cheer you on as you fight and act as adorable mascots.

TFT is scheduled to be released in conjunction with Patch 9.13 on Tuesday, June 25

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