TSM’s Wild Rift roster fined for ‘abusive behavior’ in Wild Tour Finals

The team has been fined $1,265 while one player has been suspended for separate instances of offensive behavior.

Photo via Riot Games

TSM has been penalized 7,000 Brazilian Real (about $1,265) for violating rules during the Wild Tour 2021 Finals. The event was the first official League of Legends: Wild Rift competition in Brazil. The finals were played as a LAN event at the Riot Games Studio in São Paulo from Oct. 8 to 10.

In a statement, Riot said some “abusive behavior” was carried out by TSM members during the finals that caused damage to the company’s facilities. While it’s unclear what this was exactly, the officials found it to be in violation of rule 16.12 of the rulebook, which deals with abusive behavior.

Additionally, TSM’s Wild Rift coach Pedro “Anak” Ribeiro was also penalized. After the team’s victory in the finals, Anak can be seen showing the middle finger with both hands to the opposing team on the livestream. This violated rule 16.11, which addresses disruptive behavior and insults.

As a result, TSM has been fined 7,000 Brazilian Real for the offense. Anak has been suspended for two days from the next official Wild Rift competition, too. Riot said the suspension will only apply to events in Brazil, so the coach won’t serve his punishment during the Wild Rift Horizon Cup in Singapore next month.

TSM beat Só Agradece Esports 4-3 in an intense final to claim the title of Brazilian champions. They’ll be one of 10 teams to compete in the first global event for Wild Rift, the Horizon Cup at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Center, from Nov. 13 to 21.