Trainer Fashion item ‘Black Friday’ sale goes live in Pokémon UNITE on Nov. 26, new Gengar Holowear announced

Get ready for a masked specter and some nice discounts.

Image via TiMi Studio

TiMi Studio confirmed some information from an earlier datamine, announcing a special “Black Friday” deal will be active in Pokémon UNITE from Nov. 26 to Dec. 1. 

This deal will see multiple pieces of Trainer Fashion avatar outfits sold in the in-game shop, which will change how your player looks in menus and after matches, being sold at reduced prices. Additionally, a new Gengar Holowear will make its way to the game, and it matches some of the clothing options available in the ongoing Sun, Sun, Sunshine Battle Pass. 

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The new Holowear is a Masked Style: Gengar, which will be available for 1,200 Aeos Gems. It will provide new movement effects, but none of the other premium bonuses apply despite it being sold at a relatively high price point. 

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Not all Trainer Fashion items will be sold at a discount, though. As of now, it appears many of the items that have been listed in the shop since the game launched and a few of the newer items will receive the reduction.

This means items like the Cramorant and Snorlax sets will be available for fewer Aeos Tickets or Aeos Gems, while some like the Stakeout set likely won’t see a drop. You will need to check back in the shop once the official deals go live on Nov. 26 to see exactly what deals are available.