TiMi Studio is looking into Pokémon UNITE outage on Nintendo Switch ahead of Duraladon update

The mobile version isn't experiencing these issues.

Image via TiMi Studio

With the global launch of Pokémon UNITE’s version, several players have pointed out that they are unable to download the newest gameplay update or access the game at all. 

This update includes the newest playable Pokémon, Duraladon, along with several balance adjustments and general changes for other Pokémon on the roster. 

TiMi Studio is already aware of the issue, noting that the issue is currently only affecting users on Nintendo Switch, not mobile. There are currently no other notes on the outage other than that the developers will keep players updated on the situation and when it is resolved. 

If you do want to play UNITE, your best bet is to use the mobile version until this issue is fixed. Otherwise, you will likely be waiting for TiMi to resolve the problem and ensure that Switch users can download the latest version of the game to continue playing. 

There is no dedicated way to check if UNITE is experiencing issues, but TiMi is usually pretty good about keeping players in the loop about ongoing problems. 

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All of these problems should be resolved before 7pm CT on March 14, when Duraladon is set to go live in the game, along with the balance update and any other new content, such as a new battle pass or other events. 

Whichever method you use, you will still need to download version before you are allowed to play UNITE in any form.

Update March 14 11:13pm CT: TiMi Studio has confirmed that the issue keeping players from fully logging into UNITE on Nintendo Switch has been resolved.

This means players who were previously unable to access the game will now be able to play matches without getting stuck at the “Insufficient Device Storage” notification that was causing the app to crash.

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