The SKS joins Call of Duty: Mobile with a challenge to get it for free

It's the second marksman rifle to join the mobile game.

Image via Activision

A new marksman rifle that already exists in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was added to the license’s mobile version last night.

For 19 days, the SKS will be available to grab for free in CoD: Mobile with the BR Buff challenge, which includes eight steps to complete in the battle royale game mode. But after that, it will be more complicated to get it, so players should take advantage of this opportunity while they can.

Screengrab via Activision

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Here are all of the tasks that players are required to complete in the BR Buff challenge to obtain the SKS for free:

  • Play three BR matches.
  • Kill five enemies in High Tier Loot Zone marked in orange on the BR map.
  • Use Trap Master BR Class 10 times in battle royale.
  • Pick up a customized weapon from an airdrop in battle royale three times.
  • Kill five enemies with a customized weapon from your loadout.
  • Pick up an epic weapon in battle royale three times.
  • Will five enemies with a legendary weapon in battle royale.
  • Kill five enemies with Annihilator in battle royale (available from airdrops).

On top of the weapon, players will be rewarded with other items for completing each step of the challenge, such as battle pass and weapon XP, credits, and skins.

In addition to this challenge, players can unlock other rewards by playing with grenades and other gameplay mechanics with the Master Operator, Premier Operator, Deadly Mist, Mod Crew, and Master of All challenges, which all have 19 days left before being removed from the game like the BR Buff challenge.

Screengrab via Activision

The SKS is the second marksman rifle to join CoD: Mobile. It’s the least-crowded category of weapons, contrary to the various selection available among assault rifles and SMGs.

Compared to the Kilo Bolt-Action, the only other marksman rifle in the game, the SKS boasts an almost doubled fire rate, more mobility, and more accuracy. Its control, range, and damage stats, however, are lower than the Kilo.

The SKS is a weapon designed for closer engagements than the Kilo. It also allows for more mistakes due to its spray pattern, so it can be a better choice for players who aren’t that confident in their aiming skills.

Meanwhile, season one of 2021 in CoD: Mobile, called New Order, still has 20 days to go. Its battle pass includes 50 tiers to complete with exclusive rewards along the way, including new weapons, skins, and operators for those who own its premium version. Players can complete seasonal and daily quests to unlock all the tiers before the season ends in early March.