When will Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 1 end?

The season will last for over a month.

Image via Activision

Activision recently released Call of Duty: Mobile’s season one. Its called New Order and has brought a new weapon, mode, map, and more to the game. 

The company has decided to refresh the seasonal count in CoD: Mobile from this season. Instead of season 14, it is called season one. Activision said that it did this to keep the count simple. 

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The new map is called Reclaim, which is a CoD: Mobile exclusive. It's a medium-sized map set in the marketplace of an abandoned city. Other than this, the Blitz battle royale mode, Gravity Vortex Gun, and FR .556 rifle are new this season. 

When will Call of Duty: Mobile’s season one end? 

According to the in-game countdown, the season will end on March 10. Activision uses times in UTC. Accounting for the time difference, it will end on March 9 at 6pm CT. 

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Players have a lot to look forward to before that, however. Coming later this season is the three-vs-three gunfight and Attack of the Undead 20 mode. A new battle royale class (Desperado) and marksman rifle (SKS) will also be released through seasonal missions in the coming weeks.