The Pokémon Company confirms it will shut down Pokémon TCG Online ahead of Pokémon TCG Live’s launch

The older app will be sunset when TCG Live is read to release fully.

Image via The Pokemon Company | Remix by Cale Michael

The Pokémon Company officially revealed the next evolution of its digital TCG platform earlier this week—Pokémon TCG Live. Not only will this new app improve upon the original Pokémon Trading Card Game Online program, but it will also be entirely replacing it. 

An exact date has yet to be shared, but TPC has confirmed that TCGO will be “sunset” prior to the launch of TCG Live

In a new support post, TPC stated that TCGO will be removed entirely from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and shortly ahead of TCG Live launching. This means that all the game’s servers will be shut down and new players will be unable to download it. 

This sunsetting will not take place during the upcoming closed beta test in Canada or the eventual global beta launch later this year. Instead, TCGO will remain active until the new platform is ready to fully launch. 

Once TCG Live is live, players will be able to transfer certain content from TCGO to the new app because TPC is using the same Trainer Club accounts that the older platform used. Anyone who chooses to migrate their content over during the testing period will be unable to log back into TCGO once the transfer is completed. 

There will be some limitations for which content can be transferred over, including the fact that no cards released during the HeartGold and SoulSilver Series or prior will be carried over. 

As expected, TPC is making this move because the company wants to provide an updated Pokémon TCG experience from the current platform that has been around for almost a decade.

“We’re always working to innovate the Pokémon TCG and provide the best possible experience for fans who want more ways to play outside of the tabletop version of the game,” TPC said. “As the Pokémon TCG Online launched over 10 years ago, Pokémon TCG Live not only provides an opportunity to update the game and underlying technology, but engage more fans by offering an easily accessible app on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs.”

TPC pointed to the fact it is implementing an entirely new card logic engine, a Ranked Ladder, a Battle Pass, duplicate card protection, and updated visuals. The sunsetting is also happening ahead of TCG Live’s full launch to “ensure a more seamless transition for players.”

Additionally, TPC also confirmed that Dire Wolf Digital, the company that helped develop TCGO, will not be returning to work on TCG Live. The devs will still support the Pokémon TCG product code cards, but the new platform’s development has been moved in-house at TPC.