Teams allege unfair selection process in PMIS 2020 in-game qualifiers

A total of 248 teams have qualified for the next stage of the tournament.

Image via Tencent

After the PUBG Mobile India Series (PMIS) 2020 in-game qualifier results were announced yesterday, several teams have come forward alleging that the selection process was unfair.

In the in-game qualifiers, the registered teams had to play 15 classic matches, out of which the top 10 with the best performances were considered. The top 248 teams qualified for the next round, the online qualifiers.

PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019 South Asia semifinalists Reckoning Esports said that even after winning all 10 of their matches and maintaining an average K/D of 35.5, the team didn’t qualify. A statement by the org on Facebook alleged that some teams that had a K/D of less than 30 were selected.

The org urged PUBG Mobile India to provide more transparency in the selection process and to make an official statement regarding the situation. Tencent hasn’t released a full list of teams with their performances in the in-game qualifiers. Instead, the company has simply mailed out invites to the top 248 qualified teams.

Reckoning Esports isn’t the only team affected. Another PMCO 2019 semifinalist, 8bit, also said that even with an average of over 37 kills in all of their games, the team wasn’t selected for the next round. 8bit’s statement, which the org made on Instagram, also alleged that teams with performances worse than theirs qualified.

8bit’s owner, Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, requested transparency from Tencent in its selection performance. 

Update June 9 7:30am CT: PUBG Mobile India released an official statement saying that they “hear” the players and understand their passion to be a part of the PMIS. To make the tournament more “inclusive,” the number of qualified teams has been increased to 992 from 248. Changes to the format as a result of this alteration will be released soon, PUBG Mobile India said.