Shiny Darkrai, Douse Drive Genesect, and Halloween content arrive in Pokémon Go during October

'Tis the season to be dark and spooky.

Image via Niantic

October is almost here, which means Niantic is about to unleash some spooky content updates for Pokémon Go, headlined by the return of the Halloween event, Douse Drive Genesect’s debut, and the ability to capture Shiny Darkrai. 

Almost all of the content being added throughout October will feature an increased number of Dark or Ghost-type Pokémon and even the Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle tie-in event, which will bring the Mythical Dark/Grass-type Zarude into the game. 

Along with the start of the Secrets of the Jungle 2021 event on Oct. 1, Genesect holding a Douse Drive will begin appearing in five-star raids for the first time. Altered Forme Giratina will replace it on Oct. 12, and Darkrai with access to Sludge Bomb will close out the month from Oct. 22 to Nov. 5. 

Altered Forme Giratina and Darkrai can both be shiny, with this being the first time players have a chance to capture the Pitch-Black Pokémon in that variant. Mega Gengar and Mega Absol will be taking up the Mega Raid rotation for the month, with Mega Gengar being available from Oct. 1 to 22, and Mega Absol jumping in to take over until Nov. 5.

For the new month’s events, the Secrets of the Jungle 2021 event will run from Oct. 1 to 10 to celebrate the launch of the new film. In that span, Niantic will also be celebrating its company birthday by giving away a special Free Item Box from 11am to 5pm local time on Oct. 6. The previously announced Duskull Community Day, featuring Dusknoir that can learn Shadow Ball, will run from 11am to 5pm local time on Oct. 9. 

Pokémon Go’s annual Halloween event is also returning from Oct. 15 to 31, with costumed Pokémon and new Halloween-themed Special Research. 

Yamask will be the featured Research Breakthrough from Oct. 1 to Nov. 1, and every Monday in October, Niantic is offering players one PokéCoin bundles, featuring a Remote Raid Pass and other items in the shop.