Server missions and Ranked Arena join PUBG Mobile ahead of 0.18.0 update

Challenges celebrate the launch of the Arena ranked mode in EvoLabs.

Image via Tencent

Several events kicked off in PUBG Mobile earlier today, such as server challenges, the Ranked Arena mode with daily missions, and the Wasteland Survivor as the new featured item of Premium Crates.

All of this was launched several days ahead of the next big 0.18.0 update, which will bring Miramar 2.0 and more to PUBG Mobile.

Screengrab via PUBG Mobile

The server missions are quick to complete. You have to choose your server and revive one teammate, kill an enemy, win one game, play one classic mode match, and mark a daily login. The hardest mission is to finish in the Top 10.

Those missions will grant firepower to the server, and when it reaches reward caps, players who contributed over one point will earn those rewards. A ranking for each server displays the profiles of the players with the most contributions.

Daily missions add up to Bounty missions, which will grant secret rewards to players. Those who fail to collect the rewards before the end of the event will get them by mail. The server-wide challenge will end on May 5.

Screengrab via PUBG Mobile

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Ranked Arena also joined PUBG Mobile. To celebrate its launch, the Battle Intensifies event has started and will last until May 1. Daily missions will offer points to trade against rewards such as Team Deathmatch crates. Ranked Arena matches are available in the EvoLab tab of game modes.

The Arena game mode is similar to Deathmatch. Players form teams of three and compete against another team in a small map. They must kill the opponents to earn points and can take items from the corpses or various locations around the map. The first team to reach 40 points wins the match.

In addition to granting challenge and ranking rewards at the end of the season, playing Arena mode provides supplementary rewards, such as more weapons and tools available in Arena games.

Lastly, the new Wasteland Survivor suit can be earned from Premium Crates. It’ll be available in the shop for 19 days. The first 10 draws of the crate will always feature at least one legendary item, which can be both the headgear and set of the Wasteland Survivor.

Players can also smash eggs for exclusive rewards for the last day of the Lucky Egg event before it’s removed.