Season 10 of PUBG Mobile will start on Nov. 9

A lot of new stuff will be introduced with the season.

Image via Tencent

The 10th season of PUBG Mobile is coming out on Nov. 9.

Season 10 will bring a new royale pass and will run until January 2020. The theme of the season is “Fury of the Wasteland,” according to leaks by YouTuber Mr. GHOST GAMING.

The royale pass will likely cost the same price that it did in previous seasons, 600 UC, while the Elite Plus variant should be valued at around 1,800 UC. As expected, the royale pass will be bringing a lot of new emotes, skins, and other cosmetics to the game. New missions to unlock these items from the royale pass are also set to hit PUBG Mobile

The 10th season of PUBG Mobile will also be accompanied by the 0.15.5 update. This update will be bringing a new map to the TDM mode and introduce a new vehicle and gun to the game.