PUBG Mobile’s China version beta gets a new mode, map, and weapon

Many of these features may arrive in the global version soon.

Image via Tencent
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Game for Peace, the Chinese remake of PUBG Mobile, is getting some exciting stuff in its next update, including a new map, mode, and gun.

The Game for Peace beta has a new four-vs-four multiplayer mode called Domination, which isn’t similar to Call of Duty: Mobile’s mode with the same name. It resembles the Hardpoint mode that was playable in past CoD: Mobile betas, however.

The mode has three zones named A, B, and C situated in different corners of a new map. A random zone is selected when the game starts. Players are required to capture and hold the zone for 100 seconds, with each second granting one percent. The zone lasts for three minutes and 40 seconds before shifting to another location. If no one is able to complete 100 percent in this time limit, the zone goes to the team with the higher percentage.

There are three rounds in each match, with players fighting for either zone A, B, or C. The first team to win two of these zones is the winner of the match.

A new weapon was also present in the beta. The P-90 has an ammo capacity of 50 bullets and most likely belongs to the SMG class.

An exciting feature spotted in the beta was the “death cam.” You can now see the enemies’ perspective of how you were killed, even in the game’s classic modes. This was a highly-requested feature and it’ll allow players to effectively spot hackers and report them.

The Chinese version generally receives updates before the global version. All of the aforementioned features may drop in the global version with the 0.15.5 update next month, though.