PUBG Mobile’s 0.19.1 beta adds new mode, map, and more

The location names on the Fourex map have been unveiled.

Image via Tencent

Tencent recently released the 0.19.1 beta for PUBG Mobile.

The beta brings a lot of interesting features to the battle royale game, including a new mode and map. The names of different locations on the newly-unveiled map called Fourex have also been revealed.

Here’s everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile’s 0.19.1 beta.

New mode and map

Armory Arena could be the next mode to release in PUBG Mobile. In the mode, players will have to defeat enemies while using 18 different guns from PUBG Mobile. Every time a player picks up a kill, he gets another gun. This includes sniper rifles, assault rifles, and shotguns.

The first team whose player gets a kill with all 18 weapons wins.

A new map will also be accompanying this mode. The map will likely be called Library. The map has tall bookshelves, staircases, and shelves to provide cover.

Screengrab via Tencent

Location names on the Fourex map

The Fourex map, which was revealed in the last beta, is the first PUBG Mobile exclusive classic map. The map is small, just two-by-two kilometers in size.

In the last beta of the game, players couldn’t see the names of the locations on the map. In the 0.19.1 beta, however, these names have been added.  

Screengrab via Tencent

It still hasn’t been confirmed if the map will be called Fourex when it’s eventually released, though.

Camera rotation

This is a new setting present in the beta. The setting allows players to enable or disable camera rotation while leaning or while scoping down sights (ADS).

Screengrab via Tencent

Disabling this feature locks the camera when leaning or ADS. This will be a good addition for players who use the gyroscope since the camera won’t be accidentally moved by the player’s fingers.

Hit effects

Screengrab via Tencent

New hit effects have also been added in the beta. Players will be able to set the color that sprays out when an enemy is hit. These colors are light and dark green, red, and beige.