PUBG Mobile version 1.8 introduces new map called Aftermath

Years of war have transformed Livik into a new battlefield.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile’s update 1.8 is here, introducing a new map to the battle royale.

The new map carries on Tencent’s recent ambitions to make the game more futuristic. The new map, Aftermath, is a revamped version of the once picturesque Livik. Bombs and volcanic eruptions have completely transformed the map to give it rough terrain.

Image via Tencent

Set in the future, all weapons have been fitted with a new technology called AC Core Module. This has made the guns more stable and easier to aim through. Besides this, all characters have been given Tactical Glasses, which show the damage dealt to enemies.

Players will also be able to revive teammates in this mode. This can be done by locating Recall Towers to call back teammates.

Other changes to this map include a new zip line. which makes rotations easier. The size of the urban area and the play zone density has been reduced as well to make it easier to spot enemies.

Besides the new map, update 1.8 has brought the highly anticipated Spiderman: No Way Home crossover. The superhero has now arrived in PUBG Mobile. Players can fight the boss alongside Spiderman and use web-shooters to slow down enemies in this mode.