PUBG Mobile teases crossover with Yamaha

The details of the collaboration have yet to be revealed.

Image via Tencent

A collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Yamaha is “coming soon,” the company announced earlier today. This might take the form of a motorcycle skin that could join the others available in crates.

But some leaks also hinted at a new vehicle, a Yamaha motorcycle called the MWT-9, that could be added to the game with the 0.19.0 update. The MWT-9 model was created by the brand in 2015 and would fit in well with the PUBG universe.

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The 0.19.0 update is set to hit the live servers on July 7. The patch notes have yet to be revealed, but the update will bring the first exclusive map to the game. Livik will be smaller than the other maps and gather 40 players in a match.

The update will also add the P90, a submachine gun, and the MK12 burst sniper rifle. But it’s unclear if the highly-anticipated Erangel 2.0 will be introduced to the game with this update, along with the teased collaboration with Yamaha.

PUBG Mobile has been involved in numerous crossovers in the past. The main ones were the Resident Evil 2 crossover with a dedicated game mode and exclusive cosmetic items, as well as The Walking Dead collaboration that included characters and weapons from the series, such as Daryl Dixon and his crossbow. The collaboration with Yamaha is the first crossover of this year, though.

Meanwhile, the last part of the Mysterious Jungle event will be available until July 6, shortly before the introduction of the 0.19.0 update. This includes the Relic Hunt missions that can be completed for exclusive rewards in Classic mode.