PUBG Mobile season 11 is available with new map, game mode

It's time to climb the ladder once again.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile season 11, Operation Tomorrow, is now live and players can start to climb the ladder. The update brings a new map, game mode, and other features. The season will last three months and will end in March.

Season 11’s new game mode, Domination, takes place in the new arena map, Town. Two teams of four players have to hold or capture several control points to win. The training map Warehouse is active again and the game mode War, on Erangel, will be available tomorrow.

Image via Tencent

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PUBG Mobile players are getting a new winter-themed vehicle in the Classic mode, the Light Snowmobile, along with a bunch of new content they can get from special crates. Players who purchase UC before July 3 will get a winter-themed suit and bun and will be able to purchase a Mini14 skin for a reduced price.

The new season’s rank reset is, as usual, soft. Most players in Gold and below kept their points and will be able to climb season 11’s ladder as easily as last season, but they may encounter some players who belong in higher-tiers that lost a few points with the soft reset over the first few days.

Players who reach the Gold tier and above at the end of season 11 will earn a red-and-black suit made of leather. They’ll have to reach Platinum to get the mask, Diamond to earn the MK14 S11-branded skin, Ace to get the parachute, and Conqueror to get the glamorous golden frame.

They can earn these rewards if they play five or more matches in those tiers. The suit is a bit harder to get and it requires players to finish top 10 five times in Gold tier (or above). Those rewards are available for Solo, Duo, or Squad queues.

No additional information was disclosed on a release date for Erangel 2.0.