PUBG Mobile Redeem codes for the Titans: Last Stand mode

Use the codes to get some exciting rewards.

Image via PUBG Corporation

A new mode called Titans: Last Stand has arrived in PUBG Mobile today. With it, Tencent has released a few redeem codes that players can use to get some rewards.

The Titans: Last Stand is a unique mode that is a part of PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with Legendary Pictures’ sci-fi film, Godzilla vs. Kong. In it, players are on an expedition to locate one of the titans, Godzilla. However, a surprise interruption by Mechagodzilla destroys the naval fleet. Players have to team up with Godzilla and Kong to take down the mecha titan.

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Redeem Codes

There are three redeem codes that can be used. They are likely available for a short period, so players must be quick to use them.


How to use the Redeem Codes?

  • Redeeming the codes is really simple and can be done through the official website.
  • On the website, players must enter their character ID, the redemption code, and a verification code. On clicking “redeem,” the reward will be added to the player’s inventory inside PUBG Mobile.
Screengrab via Tencent
  • You can find your character ID by clicking on your profile icon. On the new menu, You will be able to spot your ID on the top right of the screen, under your in-game name.