PUBG Mobile Pro League SEA leading to the World League unveiled

It will likely replace the PMCO in 2020.

Image via Tencent

The PUBG Mobile Pro League was unveiled at the PMCO Southeast Asia Regional finals today. The league will replace the present PMCO tournament in Southeast Asia from 2020. The top teams from the league will go on to represent the region at the PUBG Mobile World League

The competition will start from the bottom with the national championships for several countries in Southeast Asia. Teams will then make their way to the PUBG Mobile Pro League for each country.

The pro league will lead to the SEA Regional finals where teams will have a chance to go on to represent the region at the PUBG Mobile World League.

Just like this year with the PMCO, the league is divided into two splits: spring and fall. Gaga Li, head of PUBG Mobile SEA Esports, ensured fans that the tournament will deliver regular world-class competition throughout the year.

The PUBG Mobile World League will be Tencent’s premier tournament for their battle royale game from 2020. It was unveiled at the PMCO Spring Split Global Championship in July. More details about the league will be revealed at the PMCO Fall Split Global Championship which starts later this month.