PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update coming on Oct. 16

Brace yourselves, a lot of new content is coming.

Image via Tencent Games
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The release date of the next PUBG Mobile major update has been revealed. It’ll launch on Oct. 16, according to the game’s official Indian Instagram accounts. Other official social media pages have yet to confirm the release date, however.

The 0.15.0 update will bring an explosive new game mode called “Payload” where players will be able to resurrect their allies by picking up their ID cards and carrying them to a communication tower, like in Apex Legends. 

In this upcoming game mode, players will be able to use the M3E1 missile launcher to target helicopters, which will join this game mode. Two grenade launchers, M79 and MGL, will also join the loot pool. Vehicles will get repair packs and raid locators, whereas the BRDM-2 armored vehicle that players of the PC version already know about will appear. To spice up the games, superweapon crates will land in different locations after a certain period of time.

The other long-awaited feature will be gas cans, which will explode when shot at. Two weapons using 9mm ammunition—the Desert Eagle and MP5K SMG, which were added to the PC version earlier this year—will drop, too. New skins for weapons, crate animations, and others are also expected, but only a few were confirmed. And players’ airdrops will be smoother thanks to the addition of ledge grab.

Season nine will continue until November, so PUBG Mobile players will get a lot of new content to go through with the 0.15.0 update next week.