Pokémon Unite to launch on Nintendo Switch in July, mobile version coming in September

A network test is also coming later this month.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon Unite, the MOBA title being developed by TiMi Studios, won’t be launching simultaneously on Nintendo Switch and mobile. Instead, the game will be released on Switch first.

The Pokémon Company has confirmed that Unite will launch on Switch in July, followed by a mobile release in September. 

TiMi Studios will be hosting a network test for the Switch version of the game from June 24 to 26, though it appears this will only be available in Japan. 

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Prior to this announcement, the only news shared about the game came from the most recent beta that began in March, which revealed new features. Many of those features, including the ability to change the appearance of your Pokémon and trainer, have now been confirmed for the first time. 

When the game does launch across both platforms, it will feature cross-platform play between Switch and mobile. Players will also be able to use their Pokémon Trainer Club account or Nintendo account on platforms to share progress between devices. 

More details will be released about the game, including deep dives into how the battle system and gameplay elements will work, as we get closer to its launch in July, though no official date has been shared yet.