Pokémon UNITE player’s team surrenders winning game 15 seconds from finish

As you'd expect, they were not stoked.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Just like other MOBA-style games, Pokémon UNITE is a team-based game, meaning that even the most skilled players have to rely on their allies in some capacity. During a recent game, one player discovered the hard way that even when your team is winning, it doesn’t mean they can’t throw the game.

In a highlight clip, one player was in the final stretch of a three vs. three game where their team looked to be up and dominating the opposition.

As the final seconds crept in, a surrender vote was called. Despite this player’s protest, the two teammates decided it wasn’t worth taking victory and instead voted to surrender the game.

With only 15 seconds left, the game was surrendered, and the final scores appeared on the screen. Despite being over 100 Aeos Energy up, the banner of defeat was slapped on the player’s score from what looks to have been a troll by their allies.

Comments on the post shared their experiences with allies doing similarly annoying things during matches, as well as touting how much better it is to play with friends than random allies.

Given this wasn’t a ranked game, the loss shouldn’t do too much to hinder this player’s progress, but it goes to show you can’t always trust your teammates, even second from victory.

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