Here are the notes and updates for Pokémon UNITE Patch

The new Catch 'Em Battles mode is now live.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Pokémon UNITE has received its latest update, bringing the game to version and offering a shiny-new mode for players to try out.

The game’s new mode, Catch ‘Em Battles, will allow players to take advantage of powerful wild Pokémon and wield them in battle. These include Zapdos, Regigigas, Avalugg, and other key objectives you’ll find during a match.

Catch ‘Em Battles will remain in the rotation from now until June 27. The trailer for the mode that was released last week does seem to suggest that it might become a regular thing though so there could be opportunities to try it after this date.

Outside of this new mode, Patch included a ton of balancing changes that likely affected plenty of your favorite Pokémon. As reported by, you can check out all of the balancing changes now active in the game below.

Pokémon UNITE Version patch notes


The new Catch ‘Em Battles mode has been added to the game.

Balancing Changes


  • X-Scissor – cooldown decreased


  • Rapid Spin – Effects on user weakened
  • Hydro Pump – Cooldown decreased
  • Hydro Typhoon – Damage increased


  • Surf – Damage decreased
  • Smokescreen – Bug fixes for effects not triggering


  • Extreme Speed + – Move downgrade
  • Power-Up Punch – Bug fix for damage


  • Hyperspace Fury – Damage decreased
  • Psybeam – Damage decreased
  • Rings Unbound – Damage decreased


  • Blaze Kick – Damage decreased
  • Pyro Ball + – Effect on user strengthened
  • Feint – Movement speed increase strengthened


  • Base Stats – Increased
  • Aqua Tail – Damage increased
  • Play Rough – Damage increased


  • Evolution – Level changed to eight
  • Confusion – Damage increased
  • Psyshock – Damage increased


  • Attack – Stat increased


  • Scald – Damage increased, movement speed decrease strengthened, attack decrease strengthened
  • Slowbeam – UNITE move charge rate increased


  • Solar Beam – Damage increased


  • Egg Bomb – Damage decreased, cooldown decreased
  • Soft-Boiled – Cooldown decreased


  • Sacred Sword – Duration of effects on opponents reduced

Mr. Mime

  • Showtime! – Duration of effects on opponents reduced


  • Attack – Stat increased


  • Exp. Share – Effect strengthened