Pokémon UNITE Fair-Play Points: What they are and how to earn them

There's no quitting in Pokémon.

Pokémon UNITE is off to a hot start, with Nintendo already taking an active approach to players who ruin the matches by quitting or idling. With the release of the new mobile MOBA comes the Pokémon UNITE Fair-Play system, a points rating system that rewards players who play properly and penalizes ones who don’t.

But how does the points system work? How do you earn and lose points? And what are the rewards for keeping a high rating?

How do Pokémon UNITE Fair-Play Points work?

To see your Fair-Play Points rating, hit the left bumper to take you to the Trainer Info page, then navigate down to Fair-Play Points. You should see your point total and corresponding rating, as well as the four levels of Fair-Play rating:

  • 90 to 100 points: Fair-Play Point rewards receivable
  • 80 to 89 points: Fair-Play Point rewards not receivable
  • 60 to 79 points: Ranked match ban
  • 0 to 59 points: Standard battle: random match ban
Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Each category is pretty self-explanatory. If you never idle or abandon matches, or do so very rarely, your rating will stay high and you can earn a reward each day, which is usually a small amount of Aeos coins. If you more occasionally idle or abandon, you can still play matches but won’t get your Fair-Play rewards, and if you start doing it more frequently then you’ll be banned from ranked play.

Serious repeat offenders who see their rating dip below 59 points will receive a standard battle ban too, and will only be able to play against the CPU until their rating recovers.

How do I gain or lose Pokémon UNITE Fair-Play Points?

Players earn Pokémon Unite Fair-Play Points at the end of each match they complete without idling or abandoning. They can receive two points after a completed standard battle random match or a ranked match, and one point from a standard battle CPU match. Players will be able to earn up to five points per day.

Players will lose a point for abandoning a matchmade team. Idling in battle in the short-term will result in a two point deduction. Extended idling will result in a five-point deduction, while idling “with malicious intent” will result in an eight-point deduction. You will receive an in-game notification quickly after your game finishes, informing you of any point deductions.

With only one point available to earn from CPU matches, the players with the poorest ratings will have to work extra hard on their best behavior to fix their rating.