Pokémon Unite Battle Pass week 3 missions

You've got five new tasks to complete.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

One of the main ways to earn rewards in Pokémon UNITE are through the battle pass, which has both free and paid tiers with drastically different items.

In the time since its launch, players who have been working their way through the season’s battle pass will have realized how important missions are to leveling up. Fortunately, with a new week comes a new set of missions that can be completed to speed up your way to new rewards.

Pokémon UNITE battle pass week three missions

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

This week, there are five new missions that players can complete to earn themselves a total of 480 Battle Pass tokens.

  • Score a total of 360 points – 60 Battle Pass Tokens
  • Participate in 12 battles – 90 Battle Pass Tokens
  • Become MVP 6 times – 90 Battle Pass Tokens
  • Make a total of 12 assists – 120 Battle Pass Tokens
  • Knock out a total of 18 opposing Pokémon – 120 Battle Pass Tokens

This is all the new challenges for this week, but there is still plenty more to come before the season ends. Plus, a new battle pass will be introduced in late September. There are 90 tiers in this battle pass, so you’ll want to get working to make sure you don’t miss out on any of its exclusive rewards.