Pokémon Go’s June 2021 Community Day to revolve around Gible

It's almost time to farm candies to get and charge up Garchomp.

Every month, Niantic hosts Community Days in Pokémon Go where one Pokémon species is highlighted with increased spawn rates and other bonuses. While the next one will highlight the Normal and Flying-type Pokémon Swablu on May 16, the content of June’s Community Day was still unknown until today.

Now, Niantic has unveiled the Pokémon species that will be featured in June 6’s Community Day. Gible will be the main attraction of next month’s Community Day, according to Niantic’s tweet from the official Pokémon Go account.

Gible is one of the most sought-after Pokémon in the mobile game, notably because its final evolved form, Garchomp, is a powerful beast. Garchomp’s double Dragon/Ground typing offers some versatility that makes the creature efficient, although its Mega Evolution has yet to be released in the game. Since it has two evolved forms, it also requires a bit of grinding to add both its evolved species to your Pokédex because players must spend 125 Candies.

Niantic has yet to reveal details on the Community Day content aside from the fact that Gible was chosen as the featured Pokémon. But this would be a good opportunity to introduce Mega Garchomp to the game since more of these Mega Evolutions become available every month in Pokémon Go.

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On top of spawn rate increases in the wild, Community Days usually feature hatch distance reductions and an increase in Incense effectiveness time. It’s also a day to celebrate the players, who can share cool photos with the featured Pokémon on social media using the hashtag #PokemonGOCommunityDay.

Meanwhile, the next Community Day, set for May 16, will feature Swablu and the release of the Mega Evolution of its evolved form, Altaria. Players will be able to collect more Candies for the Pokémon species to obtain and charge up Altaria to maximize its potential, as well as teach it the attack Moonblast.

Players can also complete new challenges and catch new Pokémon like Swirlix, Yveltal, and Xerneas with the Luminous Legends X event, which started a few days ago and will run until May 17.