Players have grown tired of the Molotov Cocktail in Call of Duty: Mobile

The lethal equipment is too overpowered.

Image via Activision

“Molotov out.” If you aren’t sick of hearing that yet, you probably haven’t played Call of Duty: Mobile much in season nine.

When Activision released the season nine update last week, fans expected a wide array of new features, such as the Gunsmith system, to be the talking point in the community. But if you take a quick look at any of the game’s social media handles, people are mainly posting about only one thing: the Molotov Cocktail.

This bottle of flammable liquid has been getting attention and for good reason. In season nine, Activision made the Molotov Cocktail a piece of lethal equipment instead of a scorestreak. Its damage was also “significantly increased.”

Adding to players’ woes, the Shrapnel perk, which was released last season, gives players an extra piece of lethal equipment and delays enemy health regeneration. Coupled with the Molotov Cocktail, this can be a deadly combination.

Players are now spamming the Molotov inside games of CoD: Mobile. It proves to be especially effective in the Domination mode, where the enemy team can be denied capturing a point by just lighting the ground on fire with the Molotov.

The situation in the newest map of the game, Shipment 1944, is much grimmer. The action-packed tiny map has 10 players focused on throwing around Molotovs and easily picking up kills.

Players and content creators have been asking Activision to nerf the Molotov. While the company is yet to respond, the game’s Southeast Asia version, published by Garena, has already given the lethal equipment a nerf. Earlier today, the Garena Call of Duty: Mobile Indonesia Instagram account announced in a story that the Molotov’s damage and duration are being reduced.

Activision has always been responsive to the community’s calls and has made changes based on player suggestions. Players can only hope that a nerf is coming to the global version as well, especially with the 10-vs-10 modes dropping later this week.