Patch notes for upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update leaked

The update will bring optimizations, social features, and new cosmetics.

Image via PUBG Mobile
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The 0.15.0 update on PUBG Mobile, which will bring the Payload game mode, will be released on Oct. 16.

While the majority of the content was already announced, the official patch notes reportedly leaked earlier today, according to India Today.

These notes notably included new social features and performance optimization. Here are the leaked patch notes for the 0.15.0 update.

Payload Mode

“On the basis of the classic competition, increase the flight vehicle helicopter experience land and air combat, compete for the power of the super weapon box to feel the heavy fire weapon, and use the communication tower to recall the eliminated teammates, new gameplay, firepower upgrade, doubling the double,” the leaked patch notes read.

The upcoming game mode will bring helicopters and rocket launchers, and players will be able to get resurrected.

The patch notes suggest that the rare loot will be called “Super Weapon Box” and will spawn every three minutes in the game. This will include airdrop guns, three-level armors, and heavy weapons.

Ledge Grab

This feature was already announced, but its mechanism was leaked.

“How to Ledge Grab: After pressing the jump button to jump, find the right time in the vacant state and press the jump button again to achieve the climb operation, which takes effect on all maps,” the leaked patch notes read.

Newbie tasks

New players will get exclusive tasks to get more rewards.

New partner reward

“When the intimacy between the partners reaches 1000, the exclusive title of the partner can be obtained, and when the score reaches 2,000, 2,500, and 3,000, a new partner standing position can be obtained,” the leaked patch notes read.

Players information tab

“When the other players are clicked on the left side of the chat and invitation team, the player’s information tab will be displayed on the right side of the interface,” the leaked patch notes read.

Gift giving scene

“Now you can give space gifts to other players during chat, team formation, and battle settlement. The settlement can also increase the popularity value for the player,” the leaked patch notes read.


The 0.15.0 update will bring new cosmetics, including new wearable glasses that can be worn with face masks, skydiving gliding props, and a grenade skin.

Performance optimization

The long-awaited performances optimization will be implemented with the update, according to the leaked patch notes.

  • “Fixed some resource loading issues and improved fluency in combat.”
  • “Optimized the weapon loading logic, the player will be more smooth when entering the field of view.”
  • “Reduce the CPU usage of the main thread caused by UI logic, reduce the power consumption and heat of the device.”
  • “Optimized the performance of the low-end machine to improve the smoothness of the performance of the low-end phone.”

Graphic optimization

  • “Optimized the performance of weapons and clothing art, improved the quality of textures, the accuracy of models, the calculation of lighting, etc.,” the leaked patch notes read.
  • “Hall interface light and shadow optimization enhanced the performance of the hall light and shadow.”

Controls optimization

  • “When the main lens control finger is in effect, the lens control function of the half screen of the subsequently inserted moving joystick is shielded,” the leaked patch notes read. “When the finger on the lens control side is raised, the lens control operation on the rocker side is realized. After implementation, it can reduce the probability of the player moving the lens by mistake after opening the mirror, and get a smoother shooting experience.”

Each weapon will make different movements while held. Optimization is a game upgrade that makes players eager to play to the upcoming update.

The 0.15.0 update will be released in PUBG Mobile on Oct. 16.