Overwatch Uprising event extended one more day

You have more time to earn event loot boxes!

Didn’t get your favorite Overwatch Uprising skin before the event ended? You’re in luck. Blizzard has extended the event by one day.

Blizzard apparently ended the event earlier than intended on May 1. “This was a mistake, and we’ve already re-enabled Uprising loot boxes and well as the ability to unlock Overwatch Uprising–themed cosmetics with credits on all platforms,” a Blizzard community manager said in the Overwatch forum.

The King’s Row Uprising brawl is now also re-enabled for all players.

The event will now run until May 2 at 5pm PT. That means you’ve got the full day to rack up event loot boxes, which are full of new skins, emotes, and sprays. The King’s Row Uprising brawl puts players seven years in the past as the Overwatch strike team takes on wave after wave of omnic bad guys.

Though Overwatch Uprising is only available for the rest of the day, Blizzard may eventually bring its brawl events to the Overwatch arcade. It’s not a priority, Blizzard said in April, but it could happen one day.