Over 2.2 million accounts and 1.4 million devices banned from PUBG Mobile for using hacks

Is it enough?

Image via Tencent

Tencent is continuing to crack down on hackers in PUBG Mobile. In a tweet today, it was revealed that over 2,273,152 accounts were banned from the game from Aug. 20 to 27. Additionally, 1,424,854 devices were permanently suspended as well. These devices won’t be able to access the game now.

Hackers have always been a huge problem in PUBG Mobile. Recently, this issue was highlighted in the PUBG Mobile Club Opens (PMCO) of South Asia, India, and Pakistan where some teams were cheating in the group stage, which was being livestreamed. All three PMCOs were postponed after an outcry from the community and several teams were banned.

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The majority of bans in the past week were issued to players caught using X-ray vision hacks, followed by auto-aim hacks. Here is the percentage breakdown of these hackers:

  • X-Ray vision: 32 percent
  • Auto-aim: 27 percent
  • Modification of area damage: four percent
  • Modification of character mode: three percent
  • Speed hacks: 12 percent
  • Other: 22 percent

The tweet also asks players to “get ready” for the “new era’s improved anti-cheating measures.” PUBG Mobile’s version 1.0 is being called as a new era for the game and will release on Sept. 8. It will also bring Erangel 2.0, graphics improvements, and a new user interface.

In the official Discord server for the game, it was announced that “anti-cheat punishment statistics” will be published next week as well. It seems that PUBG Mobile will be issuing weekly reports to reassure players that action against hackers is being taken.