Ninja beats Gotaga in $19,000 Rock, Paper, Scissors wager to cap off massive charity stream | Dot Esports

Ninja beats Gotaga in $19,000 Rock, Paper, Scissors wager to cap off massive charity stream

"I knew it, you always go rock!"

Image via Gotaga

During a charity Fortnite stream with Corentin “Gotaga” Houssein, Tyler “Ninja” Blevens won a sudden-death game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to save himself from paying $19,000.

The duo was running public matches alongside FaZe Jarvis and BrokeBrawks during a stream intended to raise money for Alzheimer’s disease research.

To make things interesting, every match they played had an increasing per-kill bounty, with the teammate getting the fewest amount of kills having to take on the duty of paying the total contribution. For example, if every kill was worth $20, two members got five kills, and the third got only one, that last place finisher would donate the total $220.

But you didn’t expect the stakes to stay that tame, did you? Soon enough, every kill added a fat stack of $1,000.

Jarvis notched 15 kills in the fifth game, while Gotaga and Ninja tied with a measly two kills, bringing the final payout to $19,000.

To decide who would sign the check to fulfill the donation, the two competed in potentially one of the most expensive games of Rock, Paper, Scissors ever played. One game. Sudden death. In mere seconds, someone’s bank account would be changed forever.

The two stood across from each other with BrokyBrawks standing in as the referee. With palpable tension in the air, Brawks counted up from one to three, and then…

Gotaga played scissors, while Ninja, victoriously, played rock.

“Yeah, baby!” Ninja screeched. “I knew it, you always go rock!”

Ninja hugged Gotaga—who appeared shellshocked—and repeated, “you always go rock, baby!”

Ninja then did a strange series of movements that were apparently his attempt at dancing, further rubbing the win in Gotaga’s face.

Gotaga tweeted the stream raised $24,820 for the incredible cause. While his wallet may be hurting for a day or two, at least Gotaga’s heart will be warm and fuzzy.