New Pokémon UNITE update reworks ranked progression system

Grinding ranked will be much better now, especially in Master Rank.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon UNITE implemented its latest update today, adding Tsareena to the game as well as implementing a handful of bug fixes, balance adjustments, and setting the foundations for the game’s Holiday Festivities on Dec. 15.

One major change in the version patch is something ranked players have been asking for. An update to the ranking system will make things fairer for players grinding across the board—but especially in Master Rank. 

As explained in the patch and a separate Tweet, TiMi Studios has adjusted the rate that players will gain and lose points in Master Rank, making it so players will more easily be able to climb the ranks. This is especially good for solo and duo ranked players, since they will no longer be heavily penalized if they are matched into a bad lobby. This makes it easier to stomach the occasional run-in with an AFK player.

Things have also changed for the general ranked progression system too, with Performance Points playing a bigger role. 

Before this update, Performance Points would only stop you from dropping to a lower rank or sub-rank if you had no stars left in your current rank. Now, if you have enough Performance Points, they will stop your rank from regressing at all, regardless of your position. 

This means if you are one game away from making it out of Ultra Rank 5 but go on a losing streak, those hard-earned Performance Points will keep you from dropping all the way back to the bottom of Ultra 4 instead of only kicking in at the last second.

Overall, these changes are massive for UNITE’s ranked mode and should keep a lot of players from getting stuck in certain ranks for long periods of time again.