New operator skill, Katana, has dropped in Call of Duty: Mobile

Quickly slice through enemies with the sword.

Image via Activision

A new operator skill was added to Call of Duty: Mobile today. The Katana is the last feature that will come with season eight of the game, called The Forge.

Katana is a lethal curved sword. It'll be able to kill players at close range with one swing. Even though the Katana is a sword, it still has a relatively long range. Players will be able to pounce on enemies to swiftly take them down with a single strike.

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The operator skill has a unique passive as well. When a player is equipped with the Katana, they'll be able to spot and lock onto enemies within smoke. Thus, using smoke grenades and then attacking with the Katana will prove to be an effective strategy.

After activating the operator skill, the player will switch into a third-person perspective to grant a wider field of view.

Players can unlock the Katana through the ongoing "Katana Kill Challenge" in CODM by completing different missions. This can be found in the featured events section of the game. The challenge also gives players the chance to get other rewards, such as the MW11 pistol and a sticky grenade with the sight unseen camos.

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Call of Duty: Mobile’s season eight is ending soon. The next season will bring a lot of exciting features, such as the Gunsmith, new maps, and some big changes to the battle royale mode.