New battle royale location could come to CoD: Mobile in season 13

Skis and snowboards may be coming to Isolated as well.

Image via Activision

Activision posted a picture on Call of Duty: Mobile’s social media handles today which featured a ski track on the top of a hill surrounded by tall mountains.

Although Activision hasn’t revealed what the teaser is, it could be a new location on the battle royale map, Isolated. The tall mountains are present around the battle royale map in the game towards the north. This is likely where the new territory will be coming.

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The teaser also said that “no lift tickets are necessary.” Lift tickets are used by skiers and snowboarders to indicate that they can use the ski lift which carries people up and down a mountain. This could be a hint towards the addition of skis or snowboards to the game.

Fans will not have to wait long to find out what it is, though. Activision will soon be releasing a public test build which will have most of the upcoming features coming to CoD: Mobile.

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Other than this, two maps and weapons have been confirmed for season 13 of the game. These maps could be the Christmas-themed Raid and Nuketown Russia maps.

As for the weapons, one of them will be an AR while the other is a new SMG.