New AKM weapon skin released in PUBG Mobile

Get sneakier in snowy Erangel with a winter-themed weapon skin.

Image via Tencent

A new winter-themed weapon skin called Glacier AKM was released in PUBG Mobile earlier today.

As one would expect based on its name, the exclusive skin looks frozen with glass fragments. The item’s rarity level is epic.

Screengrab via PUBG Mobile

The weapon skin can be won through the Lucky Spin. Since it’s an epic item, it has a 38.1 percent chance of appearing and will be automatically granted for 200 Luck reached.

PUBG Mobile has been filled with temporary celebrations and exclusive items in December, with a special Lucky Spin and a snowy Erangel redesign. But they aren’t all winter-themed. A crossover with Angry Birds, for example, was released on Dec. 12 and a basketball challenge called Be The One came on Dec. 13.

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The new RageGear game mode was also released yesterday. This death race mode pits two randomly assigned teams, shooters and drivers, against one another. Vehicles are equipped with special weapons to make the game mode more interesting.

Some PUBG Mobile events will end during the last few days of December, while others will carry over into the new year.