PUBG Mobile is doing a crossover with Angry Birds

"Chicken dinner tastes better with Angry Birds."

Image via PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile revealed a surprising collaboration with Rovio’s Angry Birds today in what’s potentially one of the weirdest crossovers of all time.

Not much is known about the crossover yet, with just a lone piece of artwork being shown off, but PUBG Mobile fans probably won’t need to wait long to find out.

To theorycraft based on the crossover image, the birds might be used as grenades since it looks like PUBG Mobile players are throwing them. But the more likely scenario is that players will just get Angry Birds cosmetic items in the shop similar to previous crossovers.

Either way, this is one crossover we didn’t expect to see, especially considering Angry Birds is catered toward a younger audience while PUBG Mobile is more suited for adults.

This makes us wonder what other mobile-like game will crossover with PUBG Mobile in the future. Pokémon Go, anyone?

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