Nairo peaks at over 26,000 viewers in his first stream since July

The Naifu Nation was thriving in its first stream on YouTube.

Screengrab via Nairo

Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada officially returned to content creation with his first YouTube livestream, peaking at over 26,000 viewers and gaining more than 2,200 YouTube members in six hours. 

Nairo made his return on YouTube because he’s still permanently suspended on Twitch, where he streamed for more than seven years. 

The ban came on Sept. 10 because Nairo was one of several Super Smash Bros. players who faced allegations surrounding sexual misconduct and predatory behavior last summer. Zack “CaptainZack” Lauth alleged that Quezada began a sexual relationship with him when Nairo was 20 and he was 15.

His return to the scene was something of an event for the Smash community, with thousands of fans and fellow players organizing social movements to get tags like #UnBanNairo trending and trying to get him unbanned. For his first stream back, his name trended on Twitter again because those same people were celebrating. 

Everyone from top Ultimate player MkLeo, Maister, and Void to returning fans showed their support. There was even an ongoing joke that Nairo wouldn’t be able to make any highlight videos out of the stream because there were so many notifications going off. 

With a very successful return stream, Nairo will likely be back to creating content or at least streaming frequently again.