Mythic Championship VI ELD Limited Draft day two highlights and standings

Here are the final standings in Limited Draft.

MTG Mythic Championship VI Trophy
Screengrab via Twitch.tv/magic

The field with over 500 of the best Magic players in the world has been reduced to those who achieved four wins during day one at Mythic Championship VI.

Yesterday’s Throne of Eldraine Limited Draft featured interesting picks and several dominant decks. Brad Nelson and Eli Kassis went undefeated during the Limited rounds and kept their streak going through the rest of the day.

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Playing in pod one at Mythic Championship VI day two Limited Draft was Sam Sherman and Maxwell Mick. Making waves in Standard Constructed, Sherman went 7-1 yesterday. He played well in Limited and ran a Sultai Sacrifice deck in Constructed.

The pod also included Nelson and Kassis, along with the other top eight ranked players from day one at Mythic Championship VI.

Staying open in Limited Draft is key during the first few picks, and Nelson did exactly that. But the packs seemed weak again, leading to a handful of average decks. 

  • Brad Nelson: Green/Red
  • Eli Kassis: Black/Red
  • Stefano Vinci: Mono-Green
  • Austin Bursavich: Mono-Blue
  • Christian Hauk: Green/Black
  • Dylan Lerch: Boros

Pairings during day two of the ELD Limited Draft at MCVI are done based on a player’s rankings from day one. 

The first match of day two was between the undefeated players from day one. Nelson was on Green/Red and Kassis played Black/Red. Early in game one, Kassis dropped a Rankle, Master of Pranks which Nelson removed before it could do any damage with a Fell of the Pheasant. 

Both players traded wins during the first two games, but it would be Nelson who would remain undefeated.

Also in pod one was an interesting deck choice made by Dylan Lerch, playing Boros. He lost the first match but began to turn things around with a perfect curve out during round two. And Lerch earned himself another win. 

Despite a strong start for Nelson, the MPL pro would wrap day two’s ELD Limited draft at 1-2. There were players, however, who cracked the code and went 3-0 for the day. One of them was in the feature Limited Draft pod, Austin Bursavich. 

Here are the Mythic Championship VI standings heading into the day two Standard Constructed rounds.

Mythic Championship VI day two Limited Draft standings
Screengrab via [Twitch.tv/magic](https://www.twitch.tv/magic)

These were the final ELD Limited Draft rounds. Day two at MCVI will contain five more rounds of Standard Constructed in which the top eight Magic players will move onto the day three playoffs at Mythic Championship VI.