Mountain Dew to sponsor PUBG Mobile South Asian Pro League

The PMPL South Asia will kick off tomorrow for three weeks.

Image via Tencent

Mountain Dew was introduced as a sponsor for the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia today ahead of its launch on May 22.

Mountain Dew is a brand of carbonated soft drinks that’s previously hosted esports events in India, such as the Dew Arena tournament in 2018 for Rocket League, League of Legends, and other competitive games.

“Mountain Dew has been a part of the esports journey for many years now and we recognize the potential of mobile gaming and esports in India,” Mountain Dew said. “Mobile esports are truly open to everyone which is why PUBG Mobile is such an ideal partner.”

Image via PUBG Mobile

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The PMPL South Asia didn’t escape the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was supposed to launch two months ago with an offline event, but it’ll run entirely online instead and with significant delay.

Scrims were hosted over several weeks to offer content while waiting for the season to officially launch, however.

The five best teams from this season will earn a spot in the World League—which leads up to the World Championship, the highest level of competition on PUBG Mobile—and a part of the $200,000 prize pool in the Pro League. The World Championship is still scheduled for next December.

Expectations are high for the teams that performed well in the scrims, such as TSM Entity, who came in first place. But scrims don’t always show the real level of teams and they included squad that didn’t qualify for the Pro League.

Season one of the PMPL South Asia will kick off on May 22 and will run until June 14.