Mamoswine will join Pokémon UNITE on Sept. 29

The next playable character will rock the roster soon.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Pokémon UNITE appears to be getting yet another big update on Sept. 29. TiMi Studio confirmed today that the Ice/Ground-type Mamoswine will be added to the game, along with several bug fixes, on Sept. 29.

TiMi revealed Mamoswine alongside Sylveon last month but didn’t give a release date for the Pokémon at the time. The developer also didn’t confirm when either of the playable characters would be added to the game when UNITE launched for mobile on Sept. 22, just saying that it would have “more to share soon.” 

Following the release of Blastoise on Sept. 1, Mamoswine will also be a Defender, though it will predictably focus on being a Physical Attacker that runs through opponents using high-power Ice and Ground-type attacks. Players will start playing as Swinub, evolve into Piloswine at level six, and finally reach Mamoswine at level 10, making it a late bloomer that will shine in the second half of matches. 

Along with Mamoswine, TiMi will also release a new balance patch on Sept. 29 to address several issues that are heavily impacting UNITE

Since the 1.2 update, which launched alongside the mobile version of the game on Sept. 22, players have been reporting that Crustle gets an unintentional power boost under “certain circumstances,” an issue confirmed by TiMi. Lucario can also deal an unintended amount of damage using Extremespeed, bursting down opponents and occasionally one-shotting them from percentages that shouldn’t be possible. 

Players are already calling for both Pokémon to be removed from Ranked matchmaking until the hotfix is applied. Still, TiMi has made no announcement on if that will happen, leaving players excited about Mamoswine’s release while also struggling to deal with the ongoing issues in UNITE.