Kazu wins PUBG Mobile Team Up event at the PMCO Global Finals

His fans have received an exclusive PMCO parachute in-game.

Image via PUBG Mobile

Japanese player Kazu has won the Team Up event at the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Global Finals.  

The event, held at the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin, started with 100 influencers and players from nine regions from around the world:  MENA, North and South America, Europe, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. PUBG Mobile players completed missions in-game to get tickets to vote for these players and get exciting rewards. 

Nine players were ultimately selected from each region to play at the Spring Split Global Finals with one more participant, Norwegian DJ Alan Walker. The nine players who were selected to play at the global finals today were Mysterious YT, Athena, Kazu, Chi Pu, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Boy Pakorn, Pevita Pearce, Powerbang, and Nero. Unfortunately, Mysterious YT from India could not make it to Berlin and was replaced by Karan. 

Image via PUBG Mobile

As a special treat to fans of Kazu, who won the event, all players who voted for him will receive an exclusive PMCO parachute. It is likely that the item has already arrived in your in-game mail so check it out if you did.  

In addition to this, all the nine players selected three random winners from the people who voted for them and have rewarded them with different goodies such as gaming earphones, a basketball match ticket (from Giannis), and much more.