IP Sale for Chroma Skins Coming Soon

Chroma skins will be available for purchase with IP.

Re-skins of popular League of Legends champions, otherwise known as Chroma skins, have always been purchasable with Riot Points (RP), Riot’s premium currency that is available for purchase with real money. Now, it has been reported that players can buy Chroma skins with Influence Points (IP), the currency in League of Legends that is rewarded through playtime and used to buy champions, runes and other in-game features.

However, Riot stated in their recent Ask Riot journal that chromas will be having an IP sale later this year. 

“We committed to bi-annual IP sales when Chromas re-launched last year, and we’re planning to stick to it (we’ll have two this year),” Riot said. “With the re-launch in the back half of the year, there was only time for one IP sale in 2016. But the plan for two in 2017 is still in effect, and we’ll have updates on the first run relatively soon. Exact dates aren’t locked, but we’re aiming for the first IP sale of 2017 to occur in spring.”

Players will need to start saving up their IP points relatively soon if they want to get their hands on any of these chroma skins. 

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