How to get the Hoopa Bangles in Pokémon Go

You may be disappointed.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go has expanded over the year to become about much more than simply catching Pokémon. In the game, there are plenty of different cosmetic items that players can earn and equip to spice up their appearance.

These items can be earned through a variety of different means, but one common way in which they’re distributed is through events. This was the case during the recent Fashion Week festivities that saw a handful of new-look items join the game.

These items were exclusive to the event and you also needed to be lucky enough to be chosen by Niantic to receive them. The list of items includes a Furfou wig, Wraparound Skirt, and Layered Jacket. But the most intriguing item was the Hoopa Bangles.

How to get the Hoopa Bangles in Pokémon Go

The unique Hoopa Bangle glove cosmetic upgrade is unavailable in Pokémon Go right now. It could, however, potentially be made available again during another Hoopa-related event.

This item was uniquely introduced for the Fashion Week 2021 event and has since been made unavailable after the conclusion of the event on Sept. 28. Furthermore, this cosmetic item, among three others, was only gifted to 100 winners of Niantic’s Fashion Week contest. If you were lucky enough to score them, you’ll be able to equip them on both male and female characters.

When a new method to acquire the Hoopa Bangles is announced, this article will be updated to reflect what you need to do to add it to your collection.