How to get all Flabébé colors in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is giving players flowers this Valentine's Day.

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Pokémon Go players have a new event to participate in today, and with it came Flabébé in all of its colors and a new form of Frufrou.

Collecting all of the forms of Flabébé won’t be easy since many of the colors are region-locked. There are five colors for Flabébé: red, blue, yellow, white, and orange. Flabébé was just added to the game and there have been no indications that a Shiny version was added, so players can expect to just look out for the colors they can find in their regions.

Red Flabébé will spawn regularly for players in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Yellow Flabébé will spawn regularly in the Americas, while Blue Flabébé will spawn regularly in the Asia Pacific region. No matter what region players are in, a White Flabébé or Orange Flabébé can spawn, but it’s rare. Only lucky players will encounter those two colors.

Flabébé can be evolved into Floette and Florges, and will keep its color throughout its evolution. Floette is evolved with 25 Flabébé Candy, while Floette evolves into Florges with 100 Flabébé Candy after players have earned 20 hearts with it as their buddy.

Players can encounter Flabébé throughout the event, which takes place from Feb. 10 at 10am local time until Feb. 14 at 8pm local time.


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