How to block a goal in Pokémon UNITE

If scoring is the main object, what does blocking get you?

Screengrab via Nintendo

The core concept of Pokémon UNITE involves earning points by defeating opposing wild and player Pokémon. Once you have collected some points, you want to fight or sneak your way to an enemy goal on the map and drop those points in to weaken the objective and add to your team’s overall total. 

With this, there is a lot of specific terminologies you will need to learn, especially when you start getting into the Battle Pass and trying to complete event challenges to earn rewards. 

One recurring challenge asks players to block a goal during a game. This simply means you need to interrupt an enemy when they are in the act of scoring on one of your team’s goals. 

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The action itself isn’t hard to accomplish because any attack that lands on a Pokémon attempting to score will interrupt the action unless they have a Held Item or boost that shields them from damage temporarily. This is also made easier when the opposing Pokémon has more points in their pocket, since the more points a Pokémon has, the longer it will take to score and dunk them into the goal. 

If you are specifically hunting for goals to interrupt in order to complete a challenge, you should probably be playing a Ranged Attacker or Speedster. This will allow you to either hit a scoring opponent from a distance or rush in and get the block at the last second. Or you could just play lanes and make sure to drop back on defense when you are being pressured. 

With that strategy in mind, you should always be aware of the minimap because you can see what enemy Pokémon have higher point totals ready to drop into a goal when they are revealed. You should also avoid trying to do this when your goals are under the effect of Zapdos or Rotom, because those make scoring instant, and even if you stun them on the point it likely won’t count as a block.