Here are the patch notes for Call of Duty: Mobile’s season 4

Wild Dogs is here.

Image via Activision

The CoD: Mobile season four content update is expected to begin rolling out shortly. The update is bringing a lot of new content which includes maps, modes, balance changes, and more.

Season four is called Wild Dogs and will officially begin on April 27 at 7pm CT. The season has a desert-theme to it, which is reflected in its battle pass rewards and new content. Here are the patch notes for CoD: Mobile’s season four.


New maps

  • Satellite
    • The Black Ops Cold War map is coming to mobile.
  • Khandar Hideout
    • The Modern Warfare map is joining CoD: Mobile too.

New mode: Ground War

  • This will be a 12-vs-12 mode with several control points that teams have to capture and hold.
  • Players will also be to drive vehicles in this mode.

Battle royale


  • Sandstorms have been added to the BR mode in CoD: Mobile’s season four. Wherever a sandstorm approaches, desert crates and special treasures will spawn in it.
  • Players have to be wary when entering the sandstorm, though, as a tornado may carry them away.

Undead Siege

  • Reward adjustment
    • The probability of some production in the undead siege mode has been increased.

New weapons

  • Koshka
    • The Koshka is a slow-firing bolt-action sniper rifle with a large lethal area and extremely high accuracy. It will be unlockable at tier 21 of the Battle Pass.
  • Kali Sticks
    • This melee weapon is held in both hands and can be continuously swung at a faster speed with a wider attack range.

New equipment: Contact Grenade

  • As the name suggests, this grenade explodes instantly on being in contact with any surface. It has a small blast radius.

Weapon Mastery adjustment

  • An adjustment has been made to Weapon Mastery in CoD: Mobile. Now, a weapon’s mastery will be capped at 5,000 points until the player advances to the Legendary ranking. They will begin to increase after a player achieves this ranking.

Balance adjustment

Multiplayer and battle royale

Perk: Disable adjustment

The Disable has been significantly nerfed. Activision has reduced the effective part of Disable on the rifle and kept the effect of the perk on the machine gun. On the sniper rifles and marksman rifles, the effective parts of Disable to the whole body have been increased. The impact of the perk on players‘ own speed has been reduced.

  • Effective Part Adjustment
    • Assault rifle: Whole body to lower body
    • Sniper and Marksman Rifle: Lower body to whole body
  • Effect Adjustment
    • Movement Speed Debuff: Reduced
    • ADS Movement Speed Debuff: Reduced


  • Kilo 141
    • Damage multiplier to the head: Reduced
    • Shooting range: Reduced
  • PDW-57
    • Shooting range: Adjusted
    • ADS spread: Reduced
    • Damage multiplier to the leg and hip: Increased
  • LMG
    • Scope speed: Increased for S36, UL736, RPD, M4LMG, Chopper, Holger26, Hades and PKM
  • RPD
    • Medium and long distance damage: Increased
  • Chicom Enhanced
    • Default magazine capacity: Increased
    • 39-Round magazine capacity: Increased
    • 45-Round magazine capacity: Increased
    • Mid-Range damage: Increased
    • Damage multiplier to the head: Increased
    • Damage multiplier to the upper arm: Increased
  • M21 EBR
    • The damage multiplier to the upper chest and arms has been increased to ensure that the upper body can be killed with one shot at close range.
    • The mid-range and lower body damage have been reduced. The requirements for control ability in the Battle Royale are improved.
    • Shooting range: Adjusted
    • Base damage: Adjusted
    • Damage multiplier to the upper chest and arm: Increased
  • Shorty
    • The Shorty’s projectile dispersion in the medium and short-range have been optimized to make it more stable when aiming accurately.
  • Thumper
    • Weapon switching speed: Reduced
    • Reload speed: Reduced
    • Sprint-to-fire speed: Reduced

Battle royale

  • Overall Enhancement: The switching speed of all firearms/throwables have been increased.
  • SMGs’ hip-fire accuracy has been reduced during continuous fire.
  • Legendary-quality Hip-fire attachment.
    • Damage Falloff above 25m: Removed for AK117, AK-47, M4, BK57, LK24, KN-44, HBRa3, S36, UL736, RPD, CHOPPER, Holger 26, Hades, and AUG
    • Damage Falloff Above 20m: Removed for HVK-30 and DR-H
  • Man-O-War
    • Minimum damage: Increased
  • FR .556
    • Minimum damage: Increased
  • PeaceKeeper MK2
    • Damage falloff beyond 25 meters: Removed
    • Minimum Damage: Increased
  • ASM10
    • Damage falloff beyond 25 meters: Removed
    • Minimum Damage: Increased
  • GKS
    • Damage falloff beyond 25m: Removed
    • Damage in the first range: Increased
  • CR56
    • Second segment range: Increased
    • Third segment damage falloff: Removed
  • M16
    • Damage falloff: Removed
    • Damage: Increased
  • Chicom
    • First-range damage: Increased
  • M13
    • First range: Decreased
  • Fennec
    • Shooting range: Reduced
  • MX9
    • Shooting range: Reduced
  • MAC10
    • Shooting range: Reduced
  • Trap Master
    • Trap Master will no longer damage and slow its user.
    • Slowing effect: Increased
    • Health regeneration: Increased
  • Medic
    • Medic will have two charges after upgrading.
    • Health/Armor regeneration: Increased
    • Charging speed: Increased
  • Rewind
    • Rewind will have two charges now.
    • Charging Speed: Greatly Increased
    • Lookback Time: Increased
  • Operator Skill: Munition Box
    • The score of picking up ammo for yourself and your teammates: Decreased
    • The amount of energy required by the Munition Box: Slightly Increased