Ghost Gaming win PUBG Mobile Pro League North America Season One

The top five teams have made it to the PMPL Americas.

Image via Tencent

Ghost Gaming has won the inaugural season of the $150,000 PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) North America. With this win, they secure a slot at the PMPL Americas and $10,000.

Ghost had a tremendous season as they also placed first in the league stage. In the finals, the team managed to get four chicken dinners and 100 kills from 18 matches, the most of any team. This propelled them to the top of the rankings table with 207 points, 13 ahead of second-placed Knights. 

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The top five teams of the finals–Ghost Gaming, Knights, 19Esports, PassionFruit Esports, and Lazarus–have now qualified for the PMPL Americas. The PMPL Americas will be held from June 17 to 20 and will feature 16 teams from across North and South America. 

Here are the overall standings of the PUBG Mobile Pro League North America season one finals: 

  1. Ghost Gaming: 207 points
  2. Knights: 194 points
  3. 19Esports: 190 points
  4. PassionFruit Esports: 163 points
  5. Lazarus: 159 points
  6. Syndicate: 155 points
  7. The Panthers: 150 points
  8. Nova Esports: 139 points
  9. XSET: 132 points
  10. Just Causing Reality: 116 points
  11. The Unnamed: 104 points
  12. The Hitlist: 102 points
  13. LevelX: 89 points
  14. Mezexis Esports NA: 86 points
  15. Enigma Fan Club: 84 points
  16. Helping Quit Addiction: 73 points