Ghost Gaming win PMPL North America league stage, 16 teams qualify for the finals

Sixteen teams will now compete in the finals of the $150,000 tournament to decide the champions.

Image via Tencent

After an intense three weeks, Ghost Gaming has emerged on top of the overall standings. The team put up a dominating performance in the competition, accumulating nine chicken dinners and 295 kills from 45 Super Weekend matches. With a total of 603 points, they were 106 ahead of the second-placed Nova Esports. 

The league stage for the inaugural season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) North America happened from March 23 to April 11. The top 16 teams from here have advanced to the finals. 

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On the back of such a good performance, Ghost Gaming will be looking to become the North American champions during the finals later this week. The roster features David “Spec” Guzman, Andre “Tensa” De Jesus, Jack “Beowulf” Schultz, Brayan “HH24” Melamed, and Jagger Morale. 

The PMPL North America finals will take place from April 16 to 18. The top 16 teams from the league stage will be competing across 18 matches to decide the champions. The top five teams will also advance to the PMPL Americas regional finals later this summer. 

Here are the overall standings of the PMPL North America season one league stage. 

Qualified for the finals

  1. Ghost Gaming: 603 points
  2. Nova Esports: 497 points
  3. Xset: 419 points
  4. The Unnamed: 391 points
  5. Lazarus: 384 points
  6. Mezexis Esports NA: 336 points
  7. The Panthers: 320 points
  8. Enigma Fan Club: 279 points
  9. PassionFruit Esports: 272 points
  10. 19Esports: 271 points
  11. Knights: 244 points
  12. LevelX: 227 points
  13. Syndicate: 203 points
  14. Just Causing Reality: 201 points
  15. The Hitlist: 176 points
  16. Helping Quit Addiction: 152 points


  1. We Support Farmers: 151 points
  2. Aphelion Esports: 96 points
  3. Dior Esports: 71 points
  4. Pro Era: 51 points